The Empress Speaks

The Final Judgement, Mandalore Prime – Empress Rowe appears

Last night, Mandalorian forces violated a cease fire and assaulted Imperial lines with flame throwers. While this caused casualties, they paid for it much worse in blood. This morning as the smoke clears, we still hold the line.  I am now speaking directly to the Mand’alor. You have twenty-four hours to meet with me to discuss terms to put an end to this. We do not want your people or your planet. So far, I am the only one who hasn’t been lying and also breaking cease fires effectively dishonoring myself and my people, so listen well. If you do not answer me, I will send several divisions to the surface and wipe you out…all of you. I am through playing games.

To Empress Cress, your comments fall flat on deaf ears. You speak as if you would stand by idle as your own CSA assets were attacked. Perhaps next we will test that theory and pay these same Mandalorians to hit your CSA sites to test your claims. According to you, protecting our assets and people is only a crime because we are Sith.  If the Galactic Empire had her assets struck by an opposing force, the same outcome would happen, but it would be ok…because you aren’t Sith. Your xenophobia is showing and it is quite ugly. I weep for your people who blindly follow a warmongering bigot, but I digress.

Twenty-four hours… We only want our own assets safe, after that we can leave, and your civil war may continue unfettered by the Sith. You can go back to your status quo of annihilating one another for glory. This is my final warning, the clock starts….now.

Transmission Ends

Movement in the right direction

//Static would flicker before a somber tune of the Empire played, the emblem of the Imperial Sith Military fading onto the screen for a moment before fading to the image of a red haired man.//

Attention, citizens of the Empire.

Under the rule of Empress Rowe, I, Grand Imperial General Nikkos Rokkuo, in recognition of long standing services to the Empire and the devastating prowess she has shown on Mandalore Prime, grant Mackenzie Raiden of the Imperial Sith Military the honor to serve this Empire as the rank of Imperial General of the Corps.

Henceforth, the duties and responsibilities rest squarely upon her shoulders. The Empire boasts confidence that she shall tend to these duties and responsibilities with humility as she honors herself in its service.

Glory to the Empire. Long live the Empress.

//The young man would raise his fist into the air as the somber tune played once more. His image fading to that of the Imperial Sith Military emblem, before the screen flicked off.//

This just in … breaking news!

The ceasefire is over. You heard it here first folks. The ceasefire between the Mandalorians and the Empire is over. A few of the Mandalorians came out from their lines to ‘burn the dead’. This was a cleaver ruse as they then turned their flamethrowers on imperial lines prompting all out fighting across the lines. Darth Certus was able to knock two Mandalorians unconscious before he was taken out of the fighting. The large Gungan was facing multiple Mandalorians before being taken down by a combination of a Mandalorian, an Imperial Knight, and an outcast Sith. Darth Invidia defeated Jedi Master Thalia handily. More with news at 11.

Glory to the Empire!

Did we see the heads roll?

News of ongoing conflict is being reported in. We have heard that Empress Rowe herself has ordered the spiking of several Mandalorian heads in front of the Imperial line. This is to commemorate the Mandalorian attack on Byss herself under the hand of Former Mand’alor Niv Dralshy’a. Many years ago the Empress ordered the spiking of Mandalorian heads to show that the Empire is the future. Our Empress once more does it again to show the Mandalorian people that surrender is their only option.

In other news, it seems that our reporter on the ground has seen lightsaber wielders upon the side of the Mandalorians. It didn’t seem like they were a welcome edition on either side but who knows how desperate the Mandalorians might be getting. More about this at 11.

Glory to the Empire!

The shields are gone!

A series of events took place during the onslaught of attacks upon Imperial forces. Darth Certus would move to take on a Mandalorian only to be met with dishonorable and dirty tactics resulting in them attempting to capture him. They were unable to restrain the Gungan and with the might of any marauder under the Empress he moved back to Imperial Lines. These events would lead to a skirmish later that evening.

During the defense of Mandalore Prime against the Resistance forces, Imperial forces were able to destroy the last bastion of defense that the Mandalorian splinter group held onto. A Canderous Battle Tank had been supplying these resistance forces with a shield generator. But thanks to the combined might of the Empires Military the tank was destroyed and the shield was lowered. All remaining Mandalorian forces now will bare the might of the Imperial Fleet and all of its Power. Estimates state that the Mandalorian forces will not last longer than a week.

There was also news of a prisoner that single handedly escaped the destroying hands of the Mandalorian people. This loyal trooper was able to fend off the attacks from multiple Mandalorians with nothing but his bare hands and his wits then returning to Imperial lines. Hats off to this brave and loyal soul.

For the Glory of the Empire !

Victory for imperial forces

Resistance continues on Mandalore Prime as the insurgent Mandalorian forces continue to resist lawful Imperial Control. Recent attacks against the established property of Her Majesty, Empress Rowe has been thwarted at every turn by Darth Certus and Darth Invidia who have taken command of the ongoing issue. All loyal imperial citizens are encouraged to avoid nearby hyperlanes until safety can be reestablished.

Glory to the Empire !

Breaking News!

Upon Mandalore Prime there have been skirmishes all over the surface. There was one noteworthy battle though. The Mandalorians came charging at the line but they were met with swift opposition. With Darth Certus leading the fight the the Sith Empire would have marked their targets. The Mandalorians began to fall. It seemed that they would not be making it past the Emprie’s lines any time soon.

It was just then that Darth Invidia arrived and started to lend a hand. With an orbital bombardment the death tolls would pile up. That was alright though cause even the dead are on the side of the Empire. They rose from the ground and started to patrol the area of land between the two sides of this conflict.

What will happen next?

All the shocking details you can stand!