Acting Chancellor Fighting For His Life!

By Kesare Sauvage


TARIS – A triumphant parade celebrating ‘new and strong leadership in the Republic, the strides made to better their people and spread the gift of democracy across the galaxy. To celebrate our vocal stand against the crimes and atrocities of the Sith, and our constant strive for peace’ ended with Acting Chancellor Kamrodius Vance fighting for his life after an assassin fired from the packed crowd severely wounding him.

Rushed to a secure location, the Acting Chancellor is said to be out of surgery but has not yet awakened inciting fears in more than one Senator with one in particular overheard to say, “Oh fuck I think I’d have to take over.”

Protesters and supporters alike lined the streets of the Upper City, draping it in a variety of competing banners and posters.

Shouted Acting Chancellor Vance before tragedy struck, “I took this office not for my own benefit but to ensure the Republic thrives and doesn’t succumb to corruption, greed, and destruction. Because I have been steadfast on these matters, and my position for a strong Republic. Because of this….” he’d slightly adjust and pause for dramatic effect, “I welcome this vote! I welcome any citizen of the Republic to step forward and stake their claim in a Chancellery Election. If the people of the Republic see me unfit to hold office and another should take my seat I will bear no ill-will for my goal has always been for a strong Republic, and a strong democracy.”

Senator Iota, representative of the Tsil of Nam Chorios then announced their candidacy for the position of New Republic Chancellor. “The Tsil have long been loyal to the New Republic and never forgotten what they have done for my kind, we will not waver in our efforts to uphold the values the republic stands for.”

Standing alongside the Acting Chancellor, the Senator was one of the first to defend him and offer medical aid

The lone shooter has been identified as possibly belonging to the Black Sun organization though it is too early to tell for certain and questions have been raised concerning the rooftop sniper teams intended to prevent just such an occurrence.

No other injuries were reported other than the assassin who was killed instantly on site.

A Surprise Fleet

The skies over Samaria are littered with ships as the people wonder what is going on. There is nothing from the ships for a while after they arrive until a ship flies over the government sector announcing the 24 hour deadline to surrender. Leaders scramble to defend their planet and search to identify the source of the ultimatum. It was not until the government sent ships of their own that they see the Sith Empire on their doorstep.

News Break


Grand Army of the Republic troopers fall asleep guarding dangerous prisoners, blame ‘Sith’ for letting dangerous prisoners escape, don’t bother to give chase. Said officer on duty “He had a black cloak.”  News at 11…

Notorious Jedi Terrorist Captured !

Khayal City – Dark Lady Nihila captures Jedi terrorist Lady Kiandra Zhan.

By Kesare Sauvage


BYSS – Citadel sources reveal that an intruder was captured by the Dark Sorceress and other Sith Lords inside the Citadel, near to the throne room where the Empress was due to hold public audience with her Court.

Found to be Lady Kiandra Zhan, of the Hapan House of Zhan, the intruder was wearing a lightsaber, sword and staff and had come because of a recent bounty the Empress had placed upon Lady Kiandra’s cousin, Vice Admiral Relina Zhan of Hapes following the Admiral’s attack on an Imperial pharmaceutical factory.

2020-04-04_CrowPrisoner_001aRecords show that Lady Kiandra herself is responsible for an attack on a peaceful Hapan market that resulted in over 500 deaths and numerous injuries, and has said that, “I decided not to be weak and do what I want. I tend to get over happy during combat, fighting makes my blood pump and makes me grin.”

Lady Kiandra is being held in a secure location under the orders of the Empress.

In other news, the body of an unidentified adult human male has been reported on Corellia, apparently executed by members of the First Order….

Chancellor Caught In Assassination Probe With Sith?

By Kesare Sauvage, Imperial News Network

Last evening First Order forces converged on the famous Club Huttler in the UnderCity claiming authority granted by the Republic Chancellor herself to arrest local bar owner Jewel Vosh and other Tarisian citizens, claiming they are members of Black Sun and guilty of Conspiracy. Grand Army forces already on the scene as well as a representative of the Bounty Hunters Guild stopped the First Order, who appealed immediately to the Chancellor and received an official bounty warrant, signed and sealed by the Chancellor a few minutes later.

The First Order declined to leave the area when ordered by the Grand Army of the Republic and engaged in a battle with Grand Army forces as well as Jedi Ami Obadh where the Force was clearly used by unknown persons to turn the Grand Army weapons first on the Jedi Ami Obadh, then unarmed civilians and GuildMaster Shaka Dlugacz. Not to be outdone, the First Order offered 10,000 credit bribes to anyone willing to attack the alleged criminals.

In recordings leaked to the HoloNet and attributed to Republic Chancellor Trisse Bianti, the alleged Chancellor’s voice is heard ordering a hit on Republic citizens with individuals later identified as members of the First Order who have been rumored to be kidnapping Tarisians off of the streets for weeks, never to be seen again. As the operation went awry, the voice alleged to be that of Chancellor Bianti is heard to say…”

Trissa: Turn yourself in and you won’t be harmed.

Un Named Officer: “They’re shooting us when we try!”

Trissa: “Perhaps you should not have plotted against us so openly. AKK…”

Are these recordings real?

The First Order has made no secret of their desire to rebuild the former Sith Empire of Emperor Palpatine and has inducted known Sith into their ranks.

Yet rather than use the Grand Army of the Republic to secure the safety of the Republic’s citizens, is the Chancellor secretly reaching out to the Galactic Empire and First Order, to Sith, to remove threats to her reign? Does Black Sun know something we do not? Or is the First Order playing the Chancellor for their own ends? Is the Chancellor playing the First Order for her own ends?

For decades, most Republic Chancellors have later been revealed as Sith Lords, and rumors continue to circulate that Chancellor Bianti continues this long chain of history although no proof has ever surfaced to substantiate the allegations. Chancellor Bianti is a native and former Senator of Naboo, the homeworld and former post originally held by Emperor Palpatine early in his political career.

The Chancellor’s Office has not commented on this leaked audio file.

INN will continue following this story right after this report from Bandomeer, where Sith Imperial forces are reporting victory in their first skirmish with Mandalorian Forces…

New Fight Club Opens On Taris!

Hutt Broadcasting Corporation Presents! New Fight Club Opens On Taris!

(Two attractive news readers appear with excited, sharklike smiles. Behind them shots of a dead GAR trooper in the street begin to play on a giant news screen, Force lightning and lightsabers furiously contending in the narrow Huttler entrance between several Jedi and not Jedi. A large gray Hutt rushes towards the battle, ranting about fights getting out of his Club)

“Another attack on a Jedi just ended at Taris’ own Club Huttler, We don’t yet have all of the details but Thalia Spintrus, Jedi Master Kalway Order, was reported evacuated with serious lightning wounds and a gaping chest wound. ( camera cues to shots of the purple Kalway Jedi Master looking like death warmed over on the floor being helped by an attractive red skinned female wearing very little very well. The cam takes its time getting a good look at both women )

(camera jumps to raw clips of a masked woman in black, Myung badly hurt, in the neon purple lights of the Club’s sign shouting “”Praise Lord Ragnos, Let the heretics BURN!”)

“Is it a conspiracy? Is it viral advertising? Details at 11!”


((By Kesare Sauvage))


Imperial Forces, lead by the Wrath, Darth Certus, met Mandalorian aggressors on Bandomeer, and won. Imperial forces were escorting a convoy full of innocent civilians, escorting them through the civil war torn world, when Mandalorian forces attacked the convoy of citizens, in an attempt to kill them for their treachery against their ways. However, Imperial forces were able to defend the civilians, and push back the Mandalorian forces, establishing a forward operations base, to continue to help and defend the people of Bandomeer against the Mandalorians.

We will continue to monitor the Bandomeer campaign closely, and keep you in the loop. This is Eliri Revlin, signing out.

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