Where is the Republic?


(An opinion piece by Darth Inanna)

In any of its incarnations throughout history, “Where is the Republic?” is a valid question that is often asked by it’s disenfranchised factions and citizens.  In every war, and in every crisis in particular, this question is asked. 

And it is a valid question for this day.  Ever since the unfortunate sabotage of the Alderaan project, and the assassination attempt of Shaka the Hutt, the Republic has been silent.  Almost as silent as the Galactic Empire.  

So where is the Republic?   

I do not ask this as a citizen, as I know better to not be one, but as an observer.  In all my recent diplomatic functions that I have attended, I have seen representatives from the Hutts, the Mandalorians, The CSA…I have even seen Jedi represented at some of my recent functions.

Did the Republic decide to go stealth with the Galactic Empire?  Are they consorting with each other to pull some sort of political or aggressive strike against the rest of us? I could continue on.  

The questions are many.  The answers are none.

Is it not time that those questions be answered?  Is it not time that these neighbors of ours say they are still a part of the galactic community?   Or perhaps they are almost ready to strike against the rest of us?       

I invite official representatives from both the Galactic Empire and especially the Republic to come forth, to one of the Sith Empire public meetings, and resume diplomatic relations with the rest of the galaxy.  

The rest of the galaxy, as I am sure many of their own citizens, are tired of asking where they are? And perhaps we are all so sick of the question that we will forever stop asking.

Alderaani Houses Sign Peace Treaty

By Kesare Sauvage

CORELLIA – Queen Jacinda Taborri of New Alderaan and Princess Enara Solo of the Alderaan Belt arrived separately at the Jedi Temple of the Guardians of Light Saturday afternoon for the final peace talks that have taken several weeks to conclude.

Master Taaj Ousan began, welcoming the returning Houses and observers, began saying, “It has been a privileges for The Green Jedi to be able to serve as mediators, and facilitators for this Peace Summit. It has been an interesting two weeks, it began with two Houses in Conflict, as they disputed the leadership of the Aldera system, or New Alderaan. Both houses were facing a Killiks infestation and their on going conflict. But they decided to embrace their common heritage, and attempt to talk rather then continue with violence. I am proud of what you both have accomplish today. House Organa is being represented by Queen Jacinda Taborri, who is the current elected monarch of New Alderaan and her government is part of the GFFR. House Solo is being represented by Princess Enara Auren Organa-Solo, the Regent Administrator of the Aldera Space Station in the Alderaan System / Sector, and Her government is part of the New Galactic Republic. ”

Copies of the treaty were provided and read thoroughly by both representatives before signing. Numerous guests and observers signed as well.


House Solo relinquishes claim to all titles and territorial claims as they pertain to New Alderaan. House Organa relinquishes claim to all titles and territorial claims as they pertain to the Alderaan Belt. All Alderaanians shall have free and unfettered access to the Alderaan Asteroid Belt from the day of this signing to the end of its existence. This is an equal guarantee for all members of the government and populace.
New Alderaan will remain under the leadership of Queen Jacinda (House Organa) and under the jurisdiction of the Galactic Federation of Free Republic, (hereinafter known as the GFFR). The Alderaan Belt, where House Solo resides, will remain under the leadership of the newly appointed Regent Administrator, Enara Solo (House Solo) and under the jurisdictions of the Alderaan Sector and the New Galactic Republic.


Master Jayden Lukas later commented, “It was indeed our pleasure to be of service on this historic occasion. It is through the will of the Force that this has manifested and a momentous occasion to be celebrated.”

Jedi Knight Lucianne Windwalker, Kalway Order of Jedi , added, “It was an honor to witness such a historic event for peace, I hope that is is a lasting one.”

A large number of Jedi and Councillor Zwee Keiko of Corellia attended, including Guardians of Light Jedi Council Master Jayden Lukas and Master Raven, as well as Master Thalia Spintrus of the Kalway Order of Jedi.

Detaining the Prime Minister

By Kesare Sauvage

August 4th, 2019

CORUSCA SYSTEM – Vesha Syphex was arrested today on board her yacht for crimes against the people of Corellia. A famed actress, Vesha recently campaigned to become Prime Minister of Corellia but allegations of slicing emerged during the recount.

A team of bounty hunters led by Miron Soron, assisted by Cassus Ordo, the Eyttyrmin Corsairs and others performed the action resulting in the unfortunate deaths of Socialites Madame Le’ni and Nira, the Captain of the ship and various bodyguards while resisting the arrest warrant.

Sorcerer to the Stars Ming was said to be in a coma as well, his fans fear he may have suffered permanent brain damage as a result of taking an ax to the face.

The Duchess Astra and Miss Sara were treated at medical facilities on Coruscant for injuries. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview after this commercial break….

(Reposted from Corellia Times Newsnet)

Bounty Hunters Guild Appoints New Guild Leader

By Kesare Sauvage

August 12, 2019

CORELLIA    Shaka Dlugacz the Hutt has been appointed Guild leader for the Core Worlds chapters of the Bounty Hunters Guild. “He’s known for his integrity and enterprise” said Miron Soron after the announcement. Following the mysterious disappearance of the previous Guild Leader, the Hutt is expected to look into the case and has said his second priority will be to widen the doors to the guild hall. “Big enough to drive a basalisk through maybe,” he added with a smile.

Holovids Clear Mandalorian Of Murder Charges

By Kesare Sauvage

August 15, 2019  CORONET CITY, CORELLIA    New revelations have emerged along with holographic evidence in the ongoing investigations regarding Vesha Syphex and the bounty hunters behind her recent arrest.

Suffering from her own severe injuries at the hands of Vesharia Syphex and trapped beneath another injured guest, the Duchess Astra’s stated that during the battle, fellow guest, Madame Le’ni, had surrendered before taking fatal wounds but the newly documented holos instead show Madame Le’ni picking up a blaster from the deck and shooting one of the female Mandalorian bounty hunters. Cassus Ordo is then seen approaching the armed Madame Le’ni and subduing her with blunt force that led to her death.

None of the guests appeared to surrender at any point, other than Vesharia herself after her bodyguards were subdued.

“I’ve worked a good bit of my life as a mercenary. They clearly have an agenda of their own to push, considering it’s pretty much nothing but lies and propaganda,” said Cassus Ordo, Rally Master of the Mandalorian Clan Ordo, said after receiving news of the lawsuit being brought by families of those on board, the planet Nyemari and Vesharia Syphex herself.

Other reports of the deaths of the ship’s Captain Dugo and several others on board seem questionable as well upon reviewing hospital records discharging them in good health. No other witnesses have yet come forth in support of the Duchess,

“It’s pretty clear this article was made not only to discredit the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, but is also a propaganda piece against the Mandalorian Clans. If I were the BHG, I’d be filing a claim for defamation against that publisher and his or her network.” The Ordo stated.

Article reposted from Corellia Times NewsNet.

Prime Minister Gambles Night Away During Hostage Crisis

By Kesare Sauvage,

August 5, 2019 CORONET CITY – Newly installed Prime Minister Victoria Scatter was sighted spending several hours gambling in the notorious Blue Sector last week!

“I just got lucky is all ” she said walking away at the end of the night winning a HyperGem Ring. Admiral Mus’pell Vharos of the Eyttyrmin Corsairs, demolished in record time took home 800 credits from the tournament joking, “Guess I should have let my Monkey play!”

A good time was had by all and free drinks almost led to one cat-fight among the players, but some questioned if the Prime Minister should be partying hard with all of the problems of the city and planet these days, while others defended her “Some people don’t like anything.”

(Article reposted from Corellia Times NewsNet)


Imperial Justice! New Dark Lady!

Citizens of the Empire! This is Eliri Revlin coming to you just moments after the latest Imperial summons by the Empress.

Business was proceeding as usual, as the Empress had opened up the latest session, receiving the latest reports from the individual orders that were present. However, as things progressed, several members of the Dark Council, as well as the other Orders present, made for their lightsabers, when something had happened. Assurance was offered by the Empress that all was fine, and things could proceed as planned.

Later, the former Emperor, Dark Lord Destius, had made his entrance into the Imperial session, in a predator stalk like manner, with his six hooded guards. The Dark Lord had looked different, as he was covered in blood, and later would reveal what had transpired. The Dark Lord had hunted down the last of the traitors that belonged to the traitor Infestus, and wiped out the last of the resistance that lead to temporary chaos in the Empire a while back. We have received reports that the Undercity had received some ‘minor’ collateral damage, and was done in the name of the glory of the Empire, as order has been fully restored!

Sar'Rai The Sorceress
Dark Lady Sar’Rai, Arch Sorceress of DLotS

That was not all, the Dark Lord had more that he wanted to deal with, and lead that business to one of the Hands of the Empress, and Dark Council member to the Dark Lords of the Sith, Darth Sar’Rai. With the presence of our founding Emperor, Dark Lord Validus also there, the three Dark Lords had gathered another to their ranks… Darth Sar’Rai was named the new Dark Lady of her order, and was handed the mantle to lead the Dark Lords of the Sith order.

We at the Imperial News Network, offer praise to Dark Lord Destius in wiping out the last remnants of the False Emperor, Infestus, and congratulations to Dark Lady Sar’Rai in her advancement!

All the shocking details you can stand!