Sith Invade Hutt Space, Dasoor

Rebroadcast from the Imperial News Now


Everyone’s favorite fanfare of music would start to be heard over the audio devices and an image of Bogan Narr whom is clearly absolutely HYPE was marching around the room playing his trumpet, before turning to the camera and giving that devious charming smile
“Good evening out there to glorious Empire,” A chuckle “you filthy Imps continue to out do yourselves!” Returning to casual demeanor “Day by day, week by week, our Empire grows ever stronger, thanks to the efforts of Master’s Vaarik and Karlla Dasoor has seen the light of day and has been liberated for it’s shackles being reborn. It is with a humble heart that I welcome the Dasoorians to our Empire with open arms!
Also it would seem that our Empire has set it’s sights on the Kessel sector to finally restore peace and order upon a planet so ravaged by thugs and gangsters.
Ships are emerging from the Maelstrom as we speak! Best of luck to our loyalist out their!”
“In other news, Grand Overseer Lord Avarin has begun construction of a Gladiator Class Star Destroyer that was funded by the personal accounts of our Late Empress H’ta, it would seem that even in death the late Empress would see the order raise ever more. We eagerly await its completion Lord Avarin, can’t wait for the name.
From Imperial News Now, this is Bogan Narr, are you I.N.N?”
Once again Bogan would pick up the trumpet and the Imperial march began to play and would fade into the background as the transmission would shut off.

Dark Lords Repel Assault

By Kesare Sauvage

BYSS – News of an attack and destruction of a CSA shipment was interrupted earlier today by explosions wracking both Khayal City and the Citadel itself as suicide transports rammed at least two locations leading to numerous civilian casualties.
Reports of fighting within the citadel itself and holos of numerous dead have surfaced, including at least one Jedi and several unidentified Mandalorians in battle with the Dark Lords of the Sith.
An ugnaught demolitionist setting explosives within the Citadel was reportedly blown up by their own bombs.
All departing vessels have been grounded at this time and the ISM is conducting door to door searches throughout the entire city to locate any conspirators and citizens are encouraged to contact their local garrison with information.
“There will be no transportation in or out of the Capital until this issue is resolved.” stated Grand Imperial General Nikkos Rokkuo. “This city is under lockdown effective immediately.”
“They won’t be easy to hide so find them, and we will get them back.” added the Empress.

Darth Toruk Survives Assault

By Kesare Sauvage

ERIADU – The Majordomo of Slurm the Wealthy has survived a bombing at his Eriadu Headquarters, INN has learned.

Taking place last week in a suburb of Eriadu City, the Darth witnessed everything, he said, and was heavily injured requiring three days in a Sith Alchemy enhanced bacta tank to recover.

“The Mando’s attacked from a higher level roof top..Then one of my apprentices fended them off and brought me here to heal. I’ve almost wiped out Prudii in the past as a apprentice mission before I ranked up ” he grunted coldly. “They’ve regained numbers and now merged with GRAE ..The Galactic Rebel Alliance Enclave who I had history also with and fought many wars against.. Now Prudii is fighting along side with them in this war against me.”

When asked if there had been other bombings, he replied, “A few here on LME but not as much one would think..A couple of attacks on Spice shipments and minor damages here and there ..Nothing we could not repair.”

Asked if he had a message for Prudii, he said, “The Crimson Dawn and Eternal Syndicate will wipe them out to their once extinct state again ..Since this attack things will be brought to them tenfold..I will bring all allies of GRAE and Prudii to their Knees and have them beg for mercy.”

Not everything was bad news however, as Darth Toruk is arranging a dark side wedding ceremony for his betrothed. Lady Geisti, a Hapan Imperial who was formerly his slave. The venue is undecided at this time “but we’re thinking a nice volcanic planet where we have control over.”

Our congratulations go out to Darth Toruk for his survival, and upcoming nuptuals.

Mand’Alor Targeted With Bounty

By Kesare Sauvage

The Core Worlds Bounty Hunters Guild saw a flurry of activity yesterday as the Majordomo of Slurm The Wealthiest The Hutt posted a 2 million credit bounty on the head of the new Mand’Alor for the crimes of disrespecting a Hutt, and threatening behavior.

Last seen at Hutt Night this week, the Mand’Alor presented gifts to all of the Hutts, including Slurm Ortho, who received a case of slagged metal.

When asked to explain, the Mand’Alor did in Huttese, reportedly translated as, “I would not recognize the destroyed metal of my capital ship’s hull either.”

When asked by Darth Toruk, Majordomo to Slurm the Wealthiest, if the Mand’Alor was an ally to Prudii, he replied, “I thought given your boasting on the holonet….You appreciate the theatric… Be Seeing you….”

Vod Prudii also was targeted with a similar 2 million credit bounty for the crimes of attacks, property damage, arson, murder, attempted murder, harm to staff, violence.

Darth Toruk is well known for his years of war against Mandalorian Clan Prudii and the Galactic Rebel Alliance Enclave (GRAE) while Slurm the Hutt is known for his vast wealth, charity and leadership of the Hutt Kajidic Ortho.

Both are to be delivered to Darth Toruk at his palace on either Tatooine or Eriadu.

A few hours after the bounties were posted, two more bounties arrived from anonymous sources with 10 million credits on Slurm Ortho, and 15 million credits on Darth Toruk.

No reason was given for either bounty.

Late last night a fifth bounty arrived on Gor’gon the Huttler, for capture only, involving Black Sun.


Battle over Khar Delba

Lithoria Today | Battle over Khar Delba

“Good Morning Lithorians, Early this Morning, we’ve received reports that some unknown Pirates began firing on an unknown vessel within the Khar Delba System, just above the Icy Planet. That’s a lot of unknowns!”

A holovid of various Old Galactic Empire and run down Rebellion Models: X-Wings and Tie-Fighters, along with small cruisers can be seen from afar, Dogfighting with the various, newer bronzium-painted or plated models that were designed by the Lithorian King, himself. From the footage, a strange symbol can be seen upon one of the larger Pirate transports, potentially a Interdictor.

“As of now, intentions of the supposed Pirates are unknown. However almost immediately as it was reported to us, the Lithorian Navy has moved in on the defense of the unknown vessel. It was reported that the Lithorian Kingdom received a distress signal from aboard the mysterious transport before communications had gone dark.”

“The Vessel, as reports are now stating, seemed to have been a Medium to Light Freighter of an unknown design. We await further information regarding this transport.”

“The Lithorian Navy, led by Admiral Lurek Siaar is reporting an easy victory against these Pirates with reports of mild losses. Siaar, with the assistance of a member from The Bronze Hand and notable Lithorian Navy Commander Denar Nohl, created a strike team to infiltrate the unknown Pirate’s Interdictor. We await further information regarding this victory.”

“Please stop what you are doing and stand, place your fist over your heart, bow your head and reflect on the sacrifices that our Lithorian Marines and Pilots have offered to keep us safe. Thank you.”
[5:43 AM]
“Lithoriiiiaaa.. Lithooooriiaaa… Rag-Noooss… be praised, we siiiiiing..”

A theme song plays.

Additions to the Valley of Dark Lords

Lithoria Today | Additions to the Valley of Dark Lords

“Reporting directly from the Capital of Lithoria, many claims have been made that The Dark Lord, Darth Morior, King of the Lithorian Kingdom, has declared that ‘a new addition is to be made within the Valley of Dark Lords'”

“These claims have been fact-checked by various sources and proven to be true. It has been said that the Sith King plans to ‘immortalize’ the reign of Dark Lord, Darth H’ta, however short – The King has stated that construction will begin soon and once finished, Imperial and Sith alike will be welcomed to visit the Valley upon providing the proper certifications and qualifications for visiting the Valley.”

“We have asked for comments regarding the loss of the Dark Lord H’ta and here they are:”

“The Dark Lord Morior commented that the Dark Lord, Darth H’ta was a personal friend of the King’s family for two generations. Although while there were some bumpy roads here and there, there was never a personal quarrel between the Royal Haj’ra Family and the family that Dark Lord H’ta belonged. The King commented that he is saddened for her loss but that perhaps she is survived by her son, in which he stated he plans to invite first, before and above all others (Aside from the King’s own kin who have pledged to help commission the Tomb) the Son of Dark Lord H’ta.”

“While there are some thoughts both positive and negative spread about, whether they be on Holo-Book or the Dark Holonet, some state that the King’s words were purely political and out of necessity.”

*”The last comment stated from the Sith Monarch was that ‘H’ta was a notable practitioner of her art and that the Galaxy had lost someone who had summoned forth their own reality, not unlike himself.”

Taris Bomber Identity Revealed! Reporters Arrested, Slain

By Kesare Sauvage

UMBARA – Reports coming out of the Empire of the Serpentine Order and on SpaceBook allege that possible Inquisitors may have executed the staff of fellow news channel Imperial News Now just minutes after I.N.N. lead host Bogan Narr reported a strike by Darth Indomus and Lady Vex upon the terrorist responsible for the recent Taris bombing that destroyed large sections of the upper, Mid and Lower Cities with countless casualties.
Legendary bounty hunter Jack Hound was identified as the terrorist, but I.N.N. reported that Jack Hound escaped arrest in a ship explosion. I.N.N. further reported rumors that the terrorist attack was supplied and bankrolled by the Empire.
Forty-five minutes after this last broadcast went out, reports and holovid clips from bystanders show Security Forces ringing the I.N.N. building as workers inside escape, screaming “THEY ARE KILLING US THEY ARE KILLING US!!!!!!!!” and “The Empire is trying to hide the truth!!!!!!!!!!! They are killing us!!!!!!!! Empress help us!!!!!!!!!!” as a fire alarm rang from inside the building.
At least one worker was seen to be rifle-butted in the face and all of the workers were arrested and removed.
Noone has yet taken credit for the attack on Taris and it is unknown how the Serpentine Order was able to locate the terrorist responsible, or how I.N.N. came by their information.
Republic Chancellor Kamrodius Vance has declared that “These acts of terror will not go unanswered,” but there has been no reports of success thus far as the Republic rebuilds.
The Senate approved the use of several space habitats donated by Shaka the Hutt to provide housing for those displaced by this tragedy, and Chancellor Vance personally led the Senate in 30 seconds of silence for the tragic victims.
Bogan Narr, our thoughts and prayers go out to you, wherever you are.


By Kesare Sauvage


A curvy brunette in a black bikini and netting smiles at the camera a poolside with a small crowd behind her. “Welcome back viewers! We are Live at the sight of the Republic Chancellor’s Pool Party Celebration gone awry with Senator Kira Avalon.”

Kesare steps aside to allow Kira into the holocam shot. “Senator Avalon, please tell us what happened from your point of view. I did not see the start and went on first reports.”

Kira Avalon paused for a moment as the camera focused on her, quickly regaining her composure she would flick her ears back. “I was enjoying a drink with some one I have met here. We were having a discussion when that Mandolorian came over and tried to get me to bet my sabers in spar. I declined repeatedly. Both she and the IG droid attempted to insult me. Eventually she pointed a blaster at me. I moved it away I asked her several times to move on. She eventually moved it under the table. still pointed at me. I used my sabers to destroy the gun. At that point. I was not going to risk my life or my fellow senators at that point. I used a com link to call in back from both Fellow Jedi and the TCA. Unfortunately despite the valiant efforts the person managed to escape.” She managed the whole retelling with out snarling at the annoying Mando once in the whole speech.

[21:38] Kesare nodded brightly at the story. “Are you acquainted with Edine prior to this Senator? Do you feel this was a targeted attack?”

Kira Avalon flicked her ears back a little and shook her head. “While I could several Mandolorians as good associates I have never net this particular one before. But I will not forget her next time. I doubt this was a target attack. Merely some one wanting to cause trouble.”

Sakura Nervyn idly folded arms over her chest, standing there as a TCA officer and NRSF agent, she raised a slender brow, eyeing the reporter a moment then looking back to Kira, she lifted her arm, murmuring into her comlink quietly then looked back over, eyes scanning the area as she had responded to the call out.

Kesare chuckled towards the holocam droid. “Mission accomplished. Do you have any information on the traffic pileup? Several air speeders were involved. Were there injuries?”

[21:45] Kira Avalon couldnt keep a small sigh away at the insistancey of reporters. “I am not medic or in charge of any trafic control. I have no comments on that. In fact no further comments. I have to go file a report on this situation.” turning to leave unless she was stopped.

“Geist”: twitches his ears as Kelsari was gone but seconds later. He glances about, the party that was now over, which in a way was unfortunate. He glances at the pool a second and then flickers an ear. With a breath he moves to one of the tables, taking a candle off it. He looks around, finding a coaster, testing its buoyancy. With a flicker of his ear he set the candle on the coaster a small piece of paper was found and the Amaran carefully scribbled something in his people’s language on it, folding the paper to make sure it could stand. He moves to the edge of the pool, setting the coaster afloat with the candle with the paper illuminated by it before he pushes it off toward the far edge. With that he stood up, whispering, “May you all light the path of those you love among their children…” He glances at the remaining, seeing if he was needed.

Kesare turned back to the camera. “Senator Kira Avalon, attacked at the Chancellor’s Pool Party. Thank you Senator…” Kes paused looking around at the twi’leks to see if either looked like they wanted on air too.

Juno raised a hand “Don’t look at me I just got here.”

Sakura Nervyn smirked a little at Kesare. “No comment.” she stated after a moment, and moved off for further patrols.

[21:58] Kesare grinned at the cam droid with a wink, well aware how she was dressed, and cut the feed. “Well, looks like I get paid tonight after all. ”



BREAKING NEWS! Chancellor Pool Party Attack!

By Kesare Sauvage

TARIS – Just moments ago a massive air speeder mid air pileup occurred as Jedi Senator Kira Avalon of Munto Codru and Jedi Korinna attempted to stop former Taris Bounty Hunter Guild Leader Edine and an IG unit from escaping.

The pair both arrived armed at the Chancellor’s pool party fully armed although the IG unit briefly disarmed to Republic Security forces, reports say that Senator Avalon picked a fight with Edine and drew her lightsaers, attacking Edine. At which point the IG took back its weapon and both attempted to flee the scene.

Chancellor Vance and noted guests Empress Cress , Moff Otello, and Senator Scatter all have evacuated the area without harm.

We will have more as this story continues…





Serpentine Order Annexes Impram V


“Throbby Burgers!!!”

On screen a dancing eopie wearing two halves of a bun frolics off screen and hot blonde Dix Nitely, wearing a pink tinted transparent latex microdress, returns. “Welcome back to the Hutt News Network, where tonight’s lead story is the Serpentine Order has annexed the planet Impram V, NOT Imram V. ”

“Sharp eyed Hutt News Network viewer Whirhammar the Hutt of Dractu first drew our attention to the issue, as Imram is in fact firmly within Hutt Space while Impram is not. Thank you Whirhammar and congratulations Serpentine Order!”

“Next news out of Hapes, the kind we like… ((a holoimage flashes up on screen of a blonde and her very ‘close’ twi’lek ‘friend’…)) Rumors of some sexy shenanigans by Henrietta Ani’Tali, wife of Commander Relina Zhan have come out.. ”

“We’ll just leave this holo up here, a holo is worth a thousand words don’t you agree viewers? Our thanks to Hapan Corsortium HoloNews Network for your very hard working journalism and Komal Kola. We won’t ask what you were doing in that strip club, but we can certainly guess..” The blonde winks at the viewers and moves on to the next news story.



Impram V:
History:  Impram V is a planet smack dab in the middle of Red Sun territory With the Impram III and IV being mining plants, the planet hit a boom in it’s early colony years with being able to turn raw metals into building material. However, it was remote and soon fell under the control of the Red Sun a century ago. For 100 years the planet toiled under the cruel leadership of the thugs and slave drivers, the people there practically slaves in all but name until it was noticed by Agent REDACTED who was REDACTED for REDACTED REDACTED. After a time it was decided that through the use of religious zealotry, the planet would be taken for the Empire by it’s own citizens. In the past it was shown to keep order through zealotry and increase production tenfold. So REDACTED left three priests of H’ta there along with a generous amount of supplies and credits via the ISB. Returning three years later, the planet had gone through a rebellion and religious revolution and officially joined the Empire 3 years after it’s revolution. Environment: Megacities that are seen from space dot the landscape in large circles revolving around the purification of metals into buildable products that are then shipped off to where they are needed. Choked with smog and pollution the planet suffers terribly from acid rain, rebid greenhouse pollution and sandstorms that can last for months. It is mandatory to wear a breathing mask and goggles while outside and even then staying out for too long is hazardous for your health. Because of this the population of humans are gaunt, pale and have thin hair with black eyes. Barely human by some population standards, though they would disagree. Rivers of pollution snake across the lower parts of the planet while a constant whirlwind in the upper atmosphere might trick some niave visitors into thinking it’s a small gas planet.
Economy: Like mentioned before, the economy is based around the smelting and purification of metal ores into ingots that are then either made into usable parts in their own factories or shipped off to other planets under closely guarded transport ships.
Civics: The man in charge of the planet is Imperial Governor, Archbishop and Planetary Manager all wrapped up in one known as the Archion. Then there is the planetary council which include the Field Marshal of the planetary guard, megacity supervisors, Bishop of the Church of the Black Throne and several union heads for various planetary needs (though they have to be approved by the the Archion.
Culture: The planet has a unique culture as both religious zealotry are not just encouraged by mandatory among the planet’s citizens. Churches are not just extremely common but massive and extremely well made, celebrating the religion of the reign of the Sith Lords through well regulated teachings from a book known as “The Imperial Code” that not just celebrates the rule of Dark Lord H’ta but also past successful Sith Lords. The Empire is taught to be holy and it’s Sith Lords are considered Saints. Any non-human are burned if they come near the planet and any “heretics” are hung along with their family members. All to keep order.

All the shocking details you can stand!